What it is

ProxiScreen is a patented SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform that turns your existing digital display or projection environments into experiences customers can interact with via their own mobile phone.
We do that by detecting which smartphones are within viewing range of a ProxiScreen-enabled display.

We also provide analytics to the business based on usage and viewer interests. But unlike audience measurent solutions, the communication is 2-way: phones also become a 'remote control' for a display when within its viewing range, to offer a personalized signage experience.
It works with your existing displays without requiring extra expensive hardware. And customers do not need to connect to a guest Wi-Fi for all this to work.

As people move around they can see thumbnails on their phone of the signage content available on the display they're closest to. Each screen can have unique interactive content programmed by the business. Customers just tap on their phone to start playback of the content they're most interested in and it starts playout on the signage screen.

Usage and viewing analytics are available to the business, with individual attribution for each user, for valuable business intelligence.

ProxiScreen provides 2-way interactivity to increase customer engagement, and even offers an add-on for mobile purchase of items seen on signage, without requiring investment in expensive hardware.

How it works

Position a small inexpensive Bluetooth beacon near each display. By using our rebrandable mobile app, or by integrating our mobile SDK into your existing IOS or Android app, we can detect proximity to one of our beacons. It works with your existing dipslays and HTML signage campaigns.
Just embed a small piece of code in your HTML signage to receive playout triggers for specific content from our backend as viewers select content on their phone.
With some media players we can even create a peer-to-peer proximity connection between phone and media player. In that case your media player does not even need to be internet-connected but you still have full functionality (interactive signage & analytics)


Turn your stale playlists into signage that customers can interact with. Great for product demos, interactive presentations, tutorials, exhibits, multi-lingual support etc. Avoid the expense of touchscreens or cameras. Obtain usage data of each viewer. Automatically start playback of signage as viewers come within viewing range, without them interacting with their phone. And support requests for on-demand signage playback on top of that.

The bottom line

Besides the interest profile information you obtain from each customer who opts-in to use the system, you also gain a mobile communication channel to that customer for personalized content and offers.
Also we support mobile purchase with payment via Apple Pay or Google Wallet. So customers can "see & buy".

Engage customers via digital signage, target personalized content to mobile, and then create an extra revenue channel through mobile!
Check out what we can do for you, whether you're a signage end user, consumer, signage CMS provider, signage hardware OEM, mobile developer, or POS ecosystem supplier.

Ready to discuss? Just send us a quick message with the contact form below, or email us at info@sophatar.com.

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