Add actionable data to your CMS

Let's face it. There are so many CMS systems out there, it is difficult to stand out. Your customers are no longer just looking for pretty pictures but for actionable information from a signage solution that drives higher revenue. But if you offer viewer analytics, is it just an aggregated viewer impressions count? Maybe it's analytics that allows a retailer to target perrsonalized content based on appearance attributes (mood & age range detection)?
What if you could do even better: start playback of content that matches interest profiles of viewers near each of your screens right now based on historical purchase patterns or product interests users entered on their phone in the retailer or brand app of your CMS client.
That's exactly what Sophatar can do as a software enhancement layer to make your CMS solution stand out. And your signage end user does not need to invest in cameras or touchscreens.

Add a mobile experience to your CMS

Mobile experiences and on-premise digital signage have been co-existing, but are separate islands of sorts. Different suppliers, different ecosystem.
What if you could offer your customers an integrated solution that is 2-way: your CMS client's customers can engage with your screens, but your client can also target content to the mobile devices of viewers who see your signage. And obtain revenue from mobile based on the content you deliver.
It's omnichannel that links off- and on-premise through digital signage, finally delivered!
We can either provide a private-labeled mobile app to you, or deliver you mobile SDKs for you to create your mobile app as the mobile component of your signage CMS.

Add signage based on sales analytics

ProxiScreen signage campaigns run as dynamic HTML5 that can get automatically refreshed. We support various data sources for sales data and run an analytics engine to turn sales data into actionable recommendations. Then we show relevant product recommendations on screen. Integrate ProxiScreen as a campaign type in your CMS to make it all dynamic.

Integrate with your CMS (soon...)

We're working on developing an API for ProxiScreen that will allow to fully program its functionality from your cloud based CMS itself, both for the interactive campaign creation and analytics components. Contact us to find out more.

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