See what interests you

At each location you go to, whether it is a movie theater lobby or a clothing retail store, you can now see more information about what interests you and see it on a large display near you. From a trailer for your favorite movie, to product information about that latest technology gadget or fashionable apparel.
At the deli counter in a grocery store, call up all ingredients of a recipe to order exactly what you need.
Non-English speaker? Just ask all content in another language if your language is supported. Do it all from your own phone.

See it, buy it & skip the line!

Go beyond just seeing what interests you. Watch it, then buy it right from your phone. Skip the line to order lunch. Order drinks at a bar. Order top-up items at a restaurant. Pay with any of the payment cards already setup in your mobile wallet, by using Apple Pay or Google Wallet. Easy and secure.
Who wants to carry credit cards still, and lose them...?

Get extra offers and promotions

Interact with ProxiScreen displays to receive offers, promotions or loyalty points on your phone. If you're not at any location with our interactive signage, you can receive offers and promotions for locations you've been to. Receive digital coupons or loyalty points that you can redeem next time to save some $$$. Put items you see in store on your wishlist and buy them later.

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