Works with your hardware

No hardware expense besides an inexpensive Bluetooth BLE beacon positioned near each screen. If you use a media player or display with USB port, it can be a simple BLE USB dongle that you plug in. Customer phones pick up the signal when within viewin range and interact with our backend. We send triggers for playback to the internet-connected signage display. With some media players we can create a 2-way peer-to-peer Bluetooth connection between phone and media player, so then no networked player is required.

Use your existing signage campaigns

If you use HTML5 signage as most everyone does, just embed a small piece of Javascript code we provide into your presentation. That code receives playout triggers from our backend. We support any hardware that has a web browser, from tablets to professional media players.

Use your existing CMS, or use ours

If you have a signage CMS (content management system) already, you don't need to change. Since we just add some code to your HTML signage campaign, it remains an HTML5 presentation that can be scheduled in your current CMS as before.

For greenfield installations we can also provide a full solution to schedule your signage content playback. Our signage player is launched from a URL in the browser. After logging in, it will run both your playlist-scheduled content and interactive content. We can schedule static playback such as images, videos, social media content, newstickers etc. - all that good stuff. But uniquely with ProxiScreen, viewers can override scheduled playback from their own phone to see what they're interested in.

Keep mobile and signage in sync

On the Sophatar website you upload a thumbnail image for each piece of content that you want to make interactive for each of your screens. When visitors come in front of a screen, their phone will show the thumnails for that screen. They then just tap the image of the content they want to see, our backend registers this, associates the request with your screen, and sends the trigger down to your signage campaign through the internet. Out platform takes care of detecting which screen the viewer is within viewing range of, changing the content thumbnails shown on the phone based on its location, and sending the playout triggers to the signage player.

It gets even better when you use one of the 2-way Bluetooth capable media players that we support. Then we send the playout triggers not via the internet, but via an instantaneous peer-to-peer Bluetooth connection from the phone to the media player. If your signage content is stored locally, it means you don't even need to network the player. That's a great fit for brand displays in retail environments that do not have access to the retailer's internet!

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