Link mobile with on-premise

Mobile and on-premise customer experiences have been existing separately, with different suppliers and ecosystems. Overcome this by incorporating Sophatar's mobile ProxiScreen SDK, available for Android and IOS, into your existing brand or retailer app.

Increase usage of your mobile solution

By promoting your app and showing its 'remote control' capabilities for digital signage, you provide consumers a reason to use the app when on-site. Furthermore your app gathers valuable location-dependent usage data that you can utilize to enhance your app's genuine functionality.

Our SDK gets rid of the hard stuff

Sophatar's mobile SDK takes care of detecting which screen the phone is within viewing range of, and provides all the data to the UI layer of your app to present personalized content to the user, such as the 'items' that are available at the current location for playout, pause/play playout control, the interest profile of the viewer, location-based messaging, and usage statistics for achievement badges. It comes complete with user authentication and websocket-based connections that update in real-time as the user changes locations.
Develop your own UI for this extra functionality and integrate with your existing functionality as you please.

Integration support

We provide both IOS and Android native SDKs as binary libraries, both with an identical API to your front end code. This allows for maximum code sharing between code for both platforms on your side. We provide integration support to integrate the mobile SDKs into popular app frameworks. For instance for the popular React Native mobile framework, we provide native modules so that you can immediately use them from your front-end UI (Javascript) code for both IOS and Android.
But of course, we can also just develop a whole custom ProxiScreen-enabled app for you, or you can use our stock app.

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