Your sales data drives signage

Sophatar signage campaigns can be dynamic based on a real-time data feed, for instance from POS transactional data. We then run an analytics engine to turn sales data into actionable recommendations that are ready for customer-facing digital signage.

Works on virtually any screen

We are hardware-agnostic and since our signage is HTML5 it can show in any web browser window, including secondary customer-facing screens near the POS. If you're a POS ISV looking for a digital signage component, we have the goods.

Target the customer after the POS sale

With screens throughout the store and an additional beacon placed near the POS, ProxiScreen is an ideal solution to target customers after they leave the store. The proximity detection allows you to associate a transaction at your POS with an actual customer, so you can reach them afterwards via their mobile for offers, surveys and loyalty. ProxiScreen provides that essential on-/off-premise link that makes omni-channel retail a reality!

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